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Chinese Mobile News, Australian Bloggers, and Youdecide2007: Publications Roundup

Time to catch up with a few publications - my recent work is featured in a number of new collections:

Mobile Technologies: From Telecommunications to Media, edited by Gerard Goggin and Larissa Hjorth, collects some of the best papers from the Mobile Media 2007 conference (which I blogged about at the time) in Sydney. Looks like a fabulous collection, and I'm delighted that an article by former QUT Visiting Scholar Liu Cheng and me about SMS news in China has been included. We're looking especially at the experience at Yunnan Daily Press, where Cheng led the roll-out of SMS news functionality, and we're including some staggering statistics about the growth of Internet and mobile use in China as well (I wonder how they'll be affected by the global financial crisis...).

International Blogging: Identity, Politics, and Networked Publics, edited by Adrienne Russell and Nabil Echchaibi, is a very handy collection of articles on blogs and bloggers around the world, and features a pretty stylish cover to boot. It's a welcome addition to the literature about blogging, which at times focusses rather too exclusively on the US blogosphere, and on US political blogging in particular. It features an article by QUT PhD student Debra Adams and me, looking at political blogging in Australia from a few different angles. This builds in part on my early work with IssueCrawler on Australian bloggers' coverage of the David Hicks controversy, and on other IssueCrawler work by Debra.

Finally, Janey Gordon's Notions of Community: A Collection of Community Media Debates and Dilemmas just crossed my desk, too. As you might imagine from the title, this is quite a diverse collection which covers community media in broadcasting, online, and mobile formats, with a pretty strong Australian inflection. It includes an article co-authored by Jason Wilson, Barry Saunders, and me, though building especially on Jason's work as (pr)editor of our Youdecide2007 project for the Australian federal election. For now, this is probably the key article to look to for Jason's four-dimensional model of the work required of producer/editor/moderators of community-driven online news sites.

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