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Brightest before Dawn (2011)

Brightest before DawnThe music on this CD is drawn from a range of recordings I’ve made on my laptop during various overseas trips between 2005 and 2008. One of them, “Jetlagged”, was literally recorded while waiting for the delayed departure of a Qantas flight from LAX back to Brisbane, and for most of the others I’m not even sure any more of the circumstances in which they saw the light of day.

Which probably says a lot about my life over these past few years. In fact, in spite of their very diverse origins, all of them, I think, have a certain inbetween feel to them: of that time between time, just before dawn on a sleepless night – and so collectively, they became Brightest before Dawn. So here they are, finally – it was about time.

      MP3 FLAC
Awash in Stars (7:22)   10MB 25MB
Jetlagged (11:44)   16MB 43MB
Veiled New Moon (8:11)   11MB 33MB
The Sea by Night (6:46)   9MB 22MB
Positive Buoyancy (11:25)   16MB 44MB
Melodrama (4:10)   6MB 24MB

Matching that sense of new beginnings, the images for the CD cover were taken using SpaceEngine:

    CD front coverCD back coverCD tray insert


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