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Publication Update: Three New Chapters

With the Internet Turning 40 and International Communication Association conferences completed, I'm briefly back in Brisbane, before setting off for the Australia/New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA) conference in Canberra next week (hopefully with a recharged audio recorder!).

In the meantime, here's a quick update on some new publications I've been involved in - a number of my recent book chapters on a range of topics have now been published:

First, with a chapter on "News Blogs and Citizen Journalism" in e-Journalism: New Media and News Media I'm introducing my work on gatewatching and citizen journalism to an Indian readership - the book was edited by Kiran Prasad, who was my office mate at the University of Leeds while I was there in 2007 to do some research for the produsage book, and was published by B.R. Publishing in Delhi. I don't think the publisher actually has a Website - but there's a good overview of the collection at Cyberjournalist, and it also includes contact details for BR Publishing.

Second, my chapter on with Jason Wilson on "Citizen Consultation from Above and Below: The Australian Perspective" in the voluminous collection Politics, Democracy and E-Government: Participation and Service Delivery, edited by Christopher Reddick, expands on our paper at EDEM 2009. Chris has been busy: there's also a further companion volume, Citizens and E-Government: Evaluating Policy and Management, which was published a month earlier...

And finally, I have a chapter on "Distributed Creativity: Filesharing and Produsage" in the collection Mashup Cultures, edited by Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss, in which I take a few first steps towards rehabilitating at least part of the music filesharing culture. Bootleg filesharers, I argue, play an important role in creating and co-curating a worldwide cultural archive which is too valuable to leave to that cesspool of fraud and corruption which we know as the music industry. Stefan's managed to bring together a very interesting collection of contributions - looks like a great read.

On a very different note, I'm also outlining some fundamental principles for "Doing Social Media" in issue 62.5 (June 2010) of Keeping Good Companies, the journal of Chartered Secretaries Australia - hardly the most obvious publication I would have thought to write for, but I'm grateful for the invitation and I hope the article is useful.

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