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Filesharing Myths Unravel

This article in the Guardian was flagged on nettime: more evidence that filesharing does not impact CD sales in the way that the music industry claims it does. My favourite quote from the article is that the net effect of filesharing on sales is "indistinguishable from zero". Music industry ideologues take note.

Downloaders 'unfazed by lawsuits'

The latest dispatch from the filesharing frontlines - interesting reading. As predicted, movie filesharing is now joining music, and legal actions or legal services have little impact so far.


The Musik.Ger-FAQ, not surprisingly, is the list of frequently asked questions, and sometimes even some of their answers, for the German-language FidoNet echo Musik.Ger, which is best described as 'an experience'. Equally unsurprisingly, the FAQ in its original form was all in German, 450k, and pure ASCII, so I've come up with a vitamin-enhanced Web version of it, which you'll be able to read here. It's still all in German, though -- tough luck. If you still want to go on, grab a comfy chair, get yourself a nice cup of tea enriched with your favourite ingredients, plant your tongue firmly in your preferred cheek (to avoid suffocation from swallowing it) ... and ... click ... right ... here. Wuhaha[[tm]] !

Music Wantlist


  • KCCC
  • Yes Remasters: Box; more
  • VdGG - Present
  • Banco - Live 1975
  • White Willow - Storm Season
  • Magma - Ka
  • Genesis Box II ?
  • AMY CD (
  • SBB
  • GY!BE
  • Anekdoten - Gravity
  • Cowboy Junkies - Radio One Sessions
  • David Sylvian - Blemish
  • echolyn - A Little Nonsense CD Box
  • Trey Gunn - Road Journals
  • 21CSB CD/DVD / CD
  • La Maschera di Cera - Il Grande Labirinto
  • Grobschnitt



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