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The Musik.Ger-FAQ, not surprisingly, is the list of frequently asked questions, and sometimes even some of their answers, for the German-language FidoNet echo Musik.Ger, which is best described as 'an experience'. Equally unsurprisingly, the FAQ in its original form was all in German, 450k, and pure ASCII, so I've come up with a vitamin-enhanced Web version of it, which you'll be able to read here. It's still all in German, though -- tough luck. If you still want to go on, grab a comfy chair, get yourself a nice cup of tea enriched with your favourite ingredients, plant your tongue firmly in your preferred cheek (to avoid suffocation from swallowing it) ... and ... click ... right ... here. Wuhaha[[tm]] !
The Musik.Ger mailing-list is now up and running. Please join through the Yahoo!Groups Website at <>, or by email to Current subscribers may include: Anja Liebermann, Bernd Fraedrich, Roland Bley, claus wahlers, Ansgar Spiertz, Christian Stücke, Daniela Maculan, Hiro Dudani, Florian Faber, Frank Lachmann Christian Heuer, Maico Schulz, Andreas Maurer, Lars Teuber, Joerg Moellenkamp, Maico Schulz, Ortwin Rave, Ansgar Spiertz, Sascha Weber, Axel Bruns, Sonja Hein, Tanjo Matow, Wolfgang Schneider.
In the unlikely case you'd be interested in joining the echo, you could do so most easily by becoming a FidoNet point, and polling from a German node (surprisingly, most of them still carry the echo). It also seems to be available from some (German) Internet sites; if anyone has more information about that, I'd love to know. Remember to study the FAQ before joining ! Finally, if you have any comments or suggestions for the FAQ, please email