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Gatewatching and Citizen Journalism

PhD Thesis

This thesis introduces and analyses the emerging Website genre of Resource Centre Sites. RCSs are sites which combine news, rumours and background information as well as community discussion and commentary on their chosen topic, and frequently serve as a first point of entry for readers interested in learning more about the field. They also offer spaces for virtual communities of specialists or
enthusiasts to emerge, who in the process and as a product of their interaction on these sites collate detailed resource collections and hyperlink directories for their fields of interest. Therefore, Resource Centre Sites significantly involve their users as content contributors and producers, turning them into what is here termed 'produsers' of the site.

Which Nuke for You?

No, this isn't about whether you'd rather be obliterated by the weapons of mass destruction of Dubya's evil empire or Kim's evil minnow. Rather, there's the start of an interesting series of articles about content management systems at the All-American Web Portals site (what a name). They're promising to look at a group of PHP-Nuke-style CMSs to compare their features.


This will become a collection of ideas on gatewatching. It will also touch on other aspects of peer-to-peer and solitary online news reporting and news gathering, from open news to resource centre sites to blogs.

Getting started...

My very own content management system-cum-blog-cum-research repository. Is this a form of gatewatching ?


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