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Gatewatching and Citizen Journalism

The News, One Entry at a Time

A new Wired about the rise of blogging approaches to news reporting: The News, One Entry at a Time. Might be time to pull together all of these individual reports into a greater whole...

We are (Kuro)sheep ?

Always interesting to read the meta-discussions about Kuro5hin at Kuro5hin. As a site which seems to have been developed in good part in response to perceived shortcomings at Slashdot, there's still a fair bit of debate about what this site is or should be...
Not quite sure about the title ">We are sheep, though.

PeopleAggregator - An Open Source Social Network

Looks like I need to work this one into my book as well - probably in the chapter on syndication and RDFs. Not especially news-related, but I feel that many of these technologies will be increasingly interconnected as they mature... From Slashdot: PeopleAggregator - An Open Source Social Network - a story about the latest open source p2p social network engine.

Gatewatching: Collaborative Online News Production

I've added some more information about my book project, Gatewatching: Collaborative Online News Production, to this Website. A draft of the introduction is also online now. I'll be working on the book throughout this year - have to deliver the final draft to Peter Lang Publishing in New York by the end of November.

Gatewatching: Collaborative Online News Production - Chapter Outline

GatewatchingGatewatching: Collaborative Online News Production provides the first comprehensive study of the latest wave of online news publications. It investigates the collaborative publishing models of key news Websites ranging from the worldwide Indymedia network to the massively successful technology news site Slashdot and further to the multitude of Weblogs which have emerged in recent years. Building on collaborative approaches borrowed from the open source software development community, gatewatching provides an alternative to gatekeeping and other traditional journalistic models of reporting, and has enabled millions of users around the world to participate in the online news publishing process.

Open Source Spreads Beyond Software

Slashdot points to this article about open source and its implications: "Open Source Spreads beyond Software". Nothing much new, but a nice introduction which may make a useful undergraduate reading on the topic. I must remember to check out OhMyNews at some point, too - anyone read Korean ?

RDF and OWL Are W3C Recommendations

This just in - RDF and OWL Are W3C Recommendations (Slashdot). The discussion following the article contains a host of useful links for further reading, too.

My interest in this links to my research on gatewatching: increasingly we're seeing gatewatcher sites make use of RDF and semantic Web approaches to share their own content - and of course these technologies also help the process of gatewatching itself.


Andrew Murphie pointed out this Wired article on the fibreculture list - All the News That's Fit to Skewer. Puts a whole new spin on the idea of gatewatching... Andrew also mentions the work of Pierre Levy on collective intelligence - better read up on this, too.


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