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Blogs and Blogging

Key Publications:

  • Book: Uses of Blogs (New York: Peter Lang, 2008), eds. Axel Bruns & Joanne Jacobs

Research Projects:

  • Mapping the Australian political blogosphere
  • Participatory Journalism and Citizen Engagement

Related Topics:

Related Blog Posts:

Blogs are a major new genre of publishing - their use is currently being explored in fields ranging from education to corporate communication, in addition to already established fields such as diary-style blogs and news-related blogging. The blogosphere is also an example for a massively distributed produsage environment, of course.

My research in this area has focussed especially on the use of blogs in gatewatching and citizen journalism, and on mapping blog networks to determine the impact of news blogging on political communication. Another interest is the use of blogs in a learning context, as one element of new pedagogies for the digital age.

The key publication here is Uses of Blogs, edited with Joanne Jacobs (Peter Lang, 2006). Many further articles and presentations about blogs and blogging are also available on this site.

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