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Learning and Teaching in the Digital Age

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  • Digital Learning Communities (Carrick Institute Grant, 2007)
  • CCC Literacies (QUT Large Teaching & Learning Grant, 2005/6)

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The emerging produsage environment requires new skills, literacies, and capacities of learners and practitioners, and needs new approaches to teaching in order to help students build these capacities. What's required now is a C5C model, which focusses especially on creative, critical, collaborative, combinatory, and communicative capacities.

The C5C model emerges from research undertaken with Jude Smith, Ross Daniels, and Rachel Cobcroft at Queensland University of Technology, and was first presented in its entirety in a chapter in Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life and Beyond: From Production to Produsage. Earlier versions of the model (CCC, C4C) were presented at academic conferences in Sydney and Scotland, and related papers are available on this site.

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