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Gatewatching: Collaborative Online News Production

GatewatchingGatewatching: Collaborative Online News Production provides the first comprehensive study of the latest wave of online news publications. It investigates the collaborative publishing models of key news Websites ranging from the worldwide Indymedia network to the massively successful technology news site Slashdot and further to the multitude of Weblogs which have emerged in recent years. Building on collaborative approaches borrowed from the open source software development community, gatewatching provides an alternative to gatekeeping and other traditional journalistic models of reporting, and has enabled millions of users around the world to participate in the online news publishing process.

This book documents an extensive study of open news and related sites around the world, including interviews with staff of key sites in order to analyse their inner workings. It investigates the feasibility and the limitations of user community self-policing methods, and the effectiveness of the gatewatching process. It connects this with more recent developments in related areas, such as Weblogs and the Wiki movement, and develops a taxonomy of collaborative online publishing models. Overall, then, it charts the current state of play in the area of online gatewatching, open news, and participatory journalism, and provides the tools to analyse and classify the various forms of online publishing in this field.

It's journalism, Jim, but not as we know it. "Gatewatching," "multiperspectival editing," the "produser." Strange new terms - but as Axel Bruns shows in this impressive account of online news media, the underlying issues remain very much as Herbert Gans described them a generation ago. In a democracy everyone has a right to practice journalism. Users are beginning to shape the oddly named collaborative instruments on the Internet into a new chorus, giving a new voice to democracy. Axel Bruns shows us why and how we all need to learn the tune.

-- John Hartley, Queensland University of Technology

Ever wondered why people love to comment on the news? Axel Bruns describes in detail how, in the Internet age, this "gatewatching" passion is changing the media landscape. Are news barons paying notice? Of course not. Will bloggers and open news contributors revolutionize our understanding of news production? You bet they will.

-- Geert Lovink, Author of Dark Fiber and My First Recession

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Gatewatching: Collaborative Online News Production was published by Peter Lang, New York, in 2005. It was a finalist in the Communications Policy Research Award at Fordham University's Donald McGannon Communication Research Center.

The book is available from Amazon and other book stores.

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