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Job Opportunity: Research Assistant in the Smart Services CRC

I've previously posted the call for expressions of interest in PhD scholarships in the new Smart Services CRC, working on topics related to social media and audience and market foresight. In addition to these PhD positions, I'm now also looking for a part-time Research Assistant for my own project within the CRC, which deals quite directly with the further exploration of user-led content creation (or what I've called produsage) and its possible application in commercial contexts by the CRC's industry partners. Below is the blurb for my project, to give you an idea of what I'll be embarking on:

Report on Social Drivers behind Growing Consumer Participation in User-Led Content Generation

Exploration of social drivers behind the growing consumer participation in user-generated content, encompassing the structural, operational, and social configurations of leading social media environments. In particular, it will examine the individual and social motivations for user participation, and identify the content and service needs of participants in these environments. The report will highlight opportunities for generating and cultivating social networks of active users around commercial sites and products, and outline appropriate practices in managing and moderating such networks; for enhancing commercial content and advertising effectiveness by harnessing user participation and contribution; and for enhancing user experience through the provision of targeted commercial content and services to the user community. It will present structural and social guidelines for successfully and sustainably interweaving commercial and user-produced content and services.

For this project, I'm looking for a Research Assistant. The position will be part-time (2-3 days/week for the next 10-12 months, commencing at the start of November), and based at QUT in Brisbane. Working as an RA on this project provides you with an excellent opportunity to connect with researchers and industry partners in the CRC, to collaborate on research and publication activities related to the project (including the three stages of the major report produced by this project), and to build the basis for further employment and/or higher degree research within the CRC. (So, especially if you're not ready to commit to a PhD project at this point, this RA opportunity offers a great stepping stone towards doing a PhD later.)

Tasks for the RA will include:

  • in-depth review of relevant literature
  • surveys and interviews with participants in leading produsage sites
  • development of conceptual frameworks for describing the motivations of participating users
  • exploration of emerging business and service models related to user-generated content

More information is available on request, of course. If you're interested in this job, please get in touch (and if you know of someone who may be interested, spread the word!).

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Just to avoid anyone getting their hops up: the job is now taken...