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Setting the Record Straight

I've been meaning to post something about this for a while: in response to that silly article in The Australian recently, some 40 of us in the Creative Industries Faculty (which is what, half the permanent staff?) have written a joint response which was published in the letters section a couple of weeks ago. This was a spontaneous response by staff, not an action orchestrated by Faculty management, and so should demonstrate the massive groundswell of disgust and disagreement engendered by the original article (whose sheer cluelessness and lack of consideration for fellow students and staff continues to amaze me). Unfortunately, the authors of that article still haven't given up on their self-appointed crusade, sending out yet another diatribe (which was largely ignored by all) through an internal forum. Their persistence in the face of so many helpful corrections to their misconceptions reminds me of the old joke about the driver going up the wrong highway access ramp, then hearing a radio warning that someone is going in the wrong direction on the highway: 'What do you mean, someone? There's hundreds of them!' Anyway, here's the full letter we sent to The Australian, with all signatories:

As staff of the Creative Industries Faculty at QUT we are writing in response to the article 'Let's unlock our creative potential' (HES May 11) submitted by two members of the faculty. We feel bound to respond to this piece, fearing that their views may be taken to represent all staff. We wish to place our alternative view of working in this faculty at QUT on the public record.
The vision of the Creative Industries Faculty presented at its formation required a courageous and open minded response from all staff as we were challenged to weave the many ideas, disciplinary knowledges, traditions and theoretical terrains underpinning the creative arts, media and design into an education and research context for the 21st century. We are committed to understand how cultural forms are made and influenced by technological and social change as well as by government policy. The Creative Industries lead us to the edge of cultural production, where we are constantly drawn into the uneasy relationship between what we do creatively and how that is received by audiences, academics and industry. 
We recognise that it is all ongoing, a work in progress, and one that we're constantly re-assessing and re-assembling in the studios, rehearsal rooms, computer laboratories, galleries, theatres, with external communities and on virtual networks. In this regard we believe the technological infrastructure of the faculty is enabling and sophisticated, well supported and serviced by specialist professional staff.
In this creative environment students prosper and we take pride in their everyday but often invisible achievements, as well as in the public acclaim of our exceptional award winners. 
This letter has been written by full-time academic, research and professional staff in the faculty and arose as a spontaneous response to the publicly expressed views of our colleagues. It holds the deep conviction that no one person or regime defines how 'Creative Industries' at QUT is understood: more importantly it is given form by what we teachers, researchers, artists and learners actually undertake and accomplish.
Yours sincerely,
Associate Professor Brad Haseman, Creative Industries Research and Applications Centre

and signed by
Chris Barker, Communication Design
Jill Barker, Visual Arts
Leanne Blazely, Professional Staff, CI Faculty
Craig Bolland, Creative Writing and Cultural Studies 
Shaaron Boughen, Dance
Dr Axel Bruns, Media and Communication
Dr Sue Carson, Creative Writing and Cultural Studies
Martin Challis, Acting and Technical Production
Dr Jillian Clare, Media and Communication
Associate Professor Michael Docherty, Communication Design 
Dianne Eden, Acting and Technical Production
Maria Field, Professional Staff, CI Faculty
Dr Terry Flew, Media and Communication
Professor Greg Hearn, Creative Industries Research and Applications Centre
Kathleen Horton, Fashion
Evan Jones, Dance
Dr Michael Keane, Creative Industries Research and Applications Centre 
Freyja Krebs, Professional Staff, CI Faculty
Sue Leclercq, Dance
Patsy McCarthy, Media and Communication
Dr Alan McKee, Film and Television
Associate Professor Judith McLean, Performance Studies
Dr Paul Makeham, Performance Studies
Daniel Mafe, Visual Arts
Associate Professor Philip Neilsen, Creative Writing and Cultural Studies
Associate Professor Geoff Portmann, Film and Television
Dr Ellie Rennie, Media and Communication
Carolyn Ribone, Professional Staff, CI Faculty
Cassandra Russell, Professional Staff, CI Faculty
Dr Angelina Russo, Creative Industries Research and Applications Centre
Chris Shannon, Professional Staff, CIF
Dr Christina Spurgeon, Media and Communication
Dr Jo Tacchi, Creative Industries Research and Applications Centre
Associate Professor Adrian Thomas, Music 
Professor Stephen Towers, CI Faculty
Associate Professor Zane Trow, Performance Studies
Associate Professor Suzi Vaughan, Fashion
Abigail Winter, Professional Staff, CI Faculty
Helen Yeates, Film and Television
Danqing Zhang, Professional Staff, CI Faculty