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Reintroducing Gender Studies Perspectives into Convergence Culture

From this opening presentation in this convergence culture session at ICA 2010, we move on to a number of shorter presentations. The next speaker is Mel Gregg, who also problematises Jenkins's work - in this case, from a gender studies perspective (which she says is less present in Convergence Culture than in Jenkins's earlier work, e.g. Textual Poachers). Indeed, taking a historical perspective, Mel says that the boom in cultural studies publishing ended up marginalising gender studies scholarship, and the same might be happening again with the recent increase in works on convergence. This is a problem not least also in teaching, if students are now unable to find alternative voices.

Part of what's necessary here is also to reintroduce the experiential dimension of everyday life, especially for women, as they engage in convergence culture practices; for example, what opportunities do ordinary workers have to refuse their cooptation into convergence culture practices (the need to be present on Facebook and Twitter, for example)?

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