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Interview from next09 (in German)

Normally I tend to blog more when I'm travelling - but this trip is so packed full with conferences and events (not to mention the need to keep up with my regular work) that I'm hardly finding any time to write at all. So, just a quick note to say that more videos from the next09 conference at the start of May are now online, including interviews with a number of the keynote speakers conducted by conference media partner Sevenload (a YouTube-style German videosharing platform).

Here's me, speaking (in German) to Olaf Kolbrück from the magazine Horizont.

Link: next09 - Interview wtih Axel Bruns

Flickr image by nextconferenceThere are plenty of other goodies to be discovered in the Sevenload next09 site, too - including an interview with my host here at the Hans-Bredow-Institut, Jan Schmidt, and videos of most of the keynotes (including the opener by Jeff Jarvis, my own, and the fabulous closing keynote by conductor Itay Talgam). Overall, next09 was one of the best-produced conferences I've attended - no wonder, perhaps, given that it was organised by a PR company that does that sort of thing for a living. Which also explains the professional photographer (images on Flickr).

And with that, I'm off to the EuroITV conference in Leuven, Belgium, which starts tomorrow! No videos or photos planned there, as far as I know (even in spite of its focus on interactive television) - otherwise you'd see even darker rings under my eyes...

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