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All the World’s a Library: Produsage and User-Led Curation (ARLIS 2008)

ARLIS 2008

All the World's a Library: Produsage and User-Led Curation

Axel Bruns

  • 9 Oct. 2008 - ARLIS 2008 conference, Brisbane

With the continuing growth in user-led content creation, or produsage, comes an increase in user-led information management, organisation, tagging, classification - in short, a growing trend towards user-led curation of the digital media universe. What Mark Pesce has described as 'coolfinding' is now no longer an isolated activity conducted in small-scale networks of friends, but - through the tools of Web 2.0 - has become an organising principle for the entire Web. Specific social media spaces from through Flickr to the Wikipedia are leading the way, but their increased networking and interconnection is making Pierre Lévy's once utopian vision of the 'cosmopedia' appear more and more like a realisable possibility.

This presentation will outline current and future developments in the field, and consider the role that professional curators and librarians may be able to play as these trends continue.

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