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Uses of Blogs Reviewed at the Resource Center for Cybercultural Studies

Uses of Blogs I'm delighted to see that Uses of Blogs, the collection Joanne Jacobs and I edited in 2006, has been reviewed in this month's book review section at David Silver's fabulous Resource Center for Cybercultural Studies. The reviews are very positive overall, and David has also asked us to respond to their key points, which we've now done. Some great critical comments, too, which we're going to follow up on if and when the time comes to do a second edition...

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Hello Axel,

I'm beginning to read your great book with Joanne Jacobs from 2006 Uses Of Blogs. Your great job is starting to give me some clues about my research about leftist political blogs in Rio Grande do Sul state. I agree with Pfister's critic on RCCS: there's unmeasurable possibilities of uses of blogs far beyond the anglosphere.

For example: the context of how, when and for what Brazillian leftist bloggers from my state (Rio Grande do Sul or RS, a italian/german/spanish/portuguese main population with few black and indian people bordering Uruguay and Argentina on a subtropical climate) make their conversation is very serious. It's much more about debating than simple conversations.

The discussion about the weakness of power of the civil organizations to nake their voices listened in mass media is our main subject. The second subject is to determine and investigate the relationship between politicians, media corporations, agribusiness, bankers and the protection of the rightist politicians (mayor of Porto Alegre, capital of the state and the governor of RS) under their media partners. They have a huge social and finance network.

My advisor is Ph.D. Suely Fragoso, member of AoIR (I wish I could take part of this great association someday in the hear future). And I'm reading the book you have autographed for her on the last AoIR meeting in Vancouver. For me, it's an honor! ;)

I'm just beginning to write my paper. The defense of my thesis will be probably next november.

Thank you for the contact.

My best regards,
Hélio Sassen Paz - master student in Communication Sciences at UNISINOS
Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil

Hi Hélio,

nice to hear from you, and good luck with your work! Please pass on my greetings to Suely as well - and I hope to see you both at the AoIR conference in Copenhagen in October...

I agree - so much is left unknown about the shape of blogging (in its many forms) in the international context, especially in such a culturally diverse country like Brazil. Hopefully you'll be able to change this...

I don't know if they're covering Brazil, but you may also want to have a look at International Blogging, edited by Adrienne Russell and Nabil Echchaibi, which should be out this year. No real news on when yet, though - I've mentioned in a previous post, which also links to Adrienne's editorial.

Good luck, and stay in touch!