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Video Collages and Educational Tagging

The next panel here at MiT5 is a smaller affair, and is started by Sam Smiley, presenting on Claude Shannon Remixed. She begins with a couple of video collages based on image searches on a narrow range of terms in Altavista (the video is also on YouTube). These videos use original music, but copyrighted images and videos, and Sam recently received a message through YouTube messaging from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation asking her to take down one of the videos - but without any specific information about what aspects of the collage are owned by CBC.

What's interesting in this context is that Sam's example shows that evidently, CBC and other operators now have their operatives on YouTube (the CBC person goes by the handle of CBCscout, incidentally).

Next up are Paul Ham and Adam Seldow, who work on the question of Identifying Online Experts within a tagging framework. Is it possible to create a network of users in this way, sharing resources especially for educational use? Paul and Adam built a site called Edtags for this purpose, and are now presenting the site, which looks very interesting. The big question for this site now (and one which they are posing to the group) is how to recognise and position expert knowledge - and I think lessons could be learnt here from how well, or how poorly, sites such as Slashdot and Wikipedia juggle contributions from 'expert' and from 'amateur' users. Watch that space!

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