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Sony: Case of Right vs Left Hand

Another pointer on Slashdot, to a Wired article about the problems for large entertainment corporations as they support the RIAA's war on online music exchange systems (filesharing and Webcasting in particular).

Basically, Sony hardware (for example) would be quite happy to sell the latest portable MP3 gadgets, while Sony Music sees this as eating into their profits (which is questionable, of course). Conversely, the RIAA's actions against filesharers and Webcasters, partly on behalf of RIAA member Sony Music, undermine Sony hardware's ability to sell MP3 gadgets. Whose point of view will be preferred by the heads of SonyCorp.? I touch on the issue in a piece I've submitted for the 'fight' issue of M/C Journal, and will point to this new article in my revision - if the editors accept my piecen (it's a little long).