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Blogs, Grassroots, and Money

Phew - another day spent editing the Uses of Blogs book with Jo Jacobs; we're now very close to sending off the manuscript to Peter Lang for editorial comments and proofreading. This has turned out to be a very strong collection of essays on blogs and blogging from a wide range of perspectives, and I think it will do very well. And nothing against our original cast of contributors, but we've added a few more authors in the last few months, and they've made quite an impact as well.

Also some good news for my collaborators Liz Ferrier, Jo Tacchi, Dave Rooney, Phil Graham, and me: our edgeX Linkage project proposal for the Australian Research Council has received the green light (and - more importantly - the funding that goes with it), so over the next three years we'll be developing an emergent digital grassroots eXpo in partnership with Ipswich City Council to support and showcase the grassroots content production that's going on there (this is Ipswich southwest of Brisbane, not one of the other ones around the world...). Should be fun!