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Exploring Produsage

Amidst all sorts of other work, including last-ditch editorial work on Uses of Blogs with Jo Jacobs, end-of-semester assignment marking and moderating for various units, the development of new research projects, and my emerging role as conference chair for the 2006 Association of Internet Researchers conference in Brisbane, I've finally managed to write a first introductory piece on produsers and produsage. This follows on from my residency at the Institute for Distributed Creativity last month (where I also recorded a video statement on produsage), and has also been posted on the iDC site itself (and will probably make its way through various mailing-lists soon).

The piece, "Some Exploratory Notes on Produsers and Produsage", maps out some of the key areas of interest in my research for the next few years, so it's something of a mission statement for me. It's also very much an exploratory piece - there are many more gaps to be filled in, there is much research to be done, and many researchers to be collaborated with. So, such as it is, I'm very keen on comments...