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New Ideas at the New School

NYC newschool-1s Well, the New School talk on produsers and produsage went pretty well, I think - my thanks again to my hosts here, and to Trebor Scholz from the Institute for Distributed Creativity for setting it up. Unfortunately, once again I forgot to record the talk, but I guess I have another couple of chances to do so when I present it at Brown and at Temple. NYC newschool-2s Afterwards, I also caught up with Shekhar Deshpande from Arcadia University to discuss what's happening in Creative Industries at QUT at the moment, and Shekhar was nice enough to show me through a little bit of East Village as well. Currently I'm enjoying the free wireless Internet access available at the New School, and then it's on to The Thing for the next talk - hope my voice holds up...


Sorry i couldn't be there. The students had a lot to say about it this week.