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Presenting Ipskay at the Creativity Marketplace

My afternoon was spent presenting the Creative Industries Faculty and especially my work in KKB018 Creative Industries with the Ipskay Creative Town scenario at the CP+S Creativity Marketplace. Unfortunately DHL messed up, so my QUT brochures never arrived at the hotel, but with the materials and student posters I brought along I think I had enough information to go on. I ended up running out of business cards (and out of voice), so that' s a great indication of strong interest in what we're doing. Also, good to meet a few fellow travellers - some of the folks from the Danish Kaospilots group, as well as some lecturers from the University of Breda in the Netherlands who have also developed a creative industries programme. I'll have to follow up to see if a student exchange between them and us is feasible.

The Koolhaus which hosts this day of the conference is a fabulous space - a big old converted industrial space which now serves in part as a nightclub and convention space, with some fantastic spaces; especially perhaps the rooms which house the Creativity Marketplace itself. Unfortunately as an exhibitor myself I didn't get to see much of the other exhibits around me, but they too looked very exciting - next to me was an innovative primary school project which uses are to teach maths and geometry to kids CP+S-1 axel-cubed (and I got to play with it as well, ending up with a 'cubist' depiction of my face). I also met some people from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, which is running an exciting urban renewal project that reclaims and redevelops the alleyways of the city.

I do hope that my students get a bit of a kick out of having their work shown to an international conference!