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That Was Interesting...

A few unexpected twists and turns to the day today... Looks like my server IP address changed during the night and that change wasn't detected and reported to the DNS service - sorry if the site seemed down and email didn't work for a while. It should be fixed now (spam's coming in again, yay), and while looking for the cause of the problem I also noticed some very interesting stats over at ZoneEdit, who are my DNS host: turns out that DNS lookups of the domains for M/C - Media and Culture have grown almost exponentially over the last years!

Domain From Date To Date Lookups 04/29/2002 04/29/2003 223,729 04/29/2003 04/29/2004 312,714 04/29/2004 03/31/2005 1,000,000

Lookups for haven't grown quite as fast, but there's still a good upwards trend (and note that the last data is from almost a year ago, before I started blogging in earnest).

Domain From Date To Date Lookups 10/23/2001 10/23/2002 9,362 10/23/2002 10/23/2003 23,677 10/23/2003 10/23/2004 26,547

The downside is that because of the greater traffic coming through I think they'll start charging for hosting the M/C domain now. The price of success...

Also today was the first lecture of a guest to the just-launched Institute for Creative Industries and Innovation (iCi) at QUT (which, having been launched on 10 August, now shares a birthday with me) - they were hosting Stephen Coleman from the Oxford Internet Institute. An interesting study of voters in the UK Big Brother and the 2005 UK elections, which I'll try and post some more notes about later.

A while before Stephen's talk, some of us were invited to meet with him in John Hartley's office - I'm happy to say that John has become key promoter for my book recently, and Stephen (whose work is mainly in e-democracy) was very interested in my study of participatory online journalism. No doubt there will be more work on this and related areas as iCi gets going!