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Media, Traditional and Alternative

Spent most of the ANZAC day public holiday on Monday working on a paper for the 2005 Wiki Symposium in San Diego. My colleague, the soon-to-be Dr Sal Humphreys has done much of the legwork for this paper which we'll be submitting before Friday; it details the use of wikis in my New Media Technologies unit at QUT and discusses the overall frameworks for using wikis in teaching. I'll post it here once it's done.

This morning I was interviewed by a journalist from the Sydney Morning Herald, for a story on archiving Internet content. The folks at the National Library put him on to me, following on from the Archiving Web Resources conference last November, and we chatted about the purpose of archiving projects such as the International Internet Preservation Consortium. The conversation also drifted into a discussion of blogs and their uses. Look forward to seeing the finished article (some time next week, I think). Incidentally, now that the papal frenzy is over, the Ten kids' news interview is back on again, too - probably tomorrow afternoon.

Finally today I received an email from one of my overseas students in the Coursework Masters degree - in addition to researching grassroots creativity for her project, Qiongli Wu is also active in digital storytelling herself and did a nice piece on her experience coming to QUT. You don't hear us mentioned in the same breath as Chairman Mao very often...

Oh, and the book's arrived in New York. Should go to the printers this Friday!