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Conference Blogging Coming Up

I’m currently on the road again, as part of a trip which has already taken me through Hamburg (for a meeting with our research partners at the Hans-Bredow-Institut) and Göttingen (for the inaugural workshop of our new ATN-DAAD-funded research collaboration with colleagues at the Göttingen Digital Humanities Centre. The latter will focus especially on developing new methods for analysing and visualising social media networks, building on the considerable work we’ve already done in this area – and at the workshop last week we’ve already made good progress towards a few new ideas for what we can do. With my colleagues Jean Burgess and Darryl Woodford I also participated in a public symposium at the GCDH, and I’ll make the slides and audio from our talk available here soon.

Today, I’m sitting in the train to Amsterdam and the Social Media and the Transformation of Public Space conference, at the University of Amsterdam’s Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis. Unsurprisingly, given the topic,  we will have a very substantial QUT Social Media Research Group presence at the conference – and I’m presenting two papers later this week which I’ll also share here, along with the usual liveblogging.

In other news, a special issue of the ASLIB Journal of Information Management on Twitter Data Analytics which Katrin Weller and I edited has now been published in full, and I think it’s come out very nicely. Here’s our editorial, and the rest of the articles are also available from the site.