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New Presentations and Publications on Twitter and Blog Research

Time for another quick news roundup. Following on from the ANZDMC 2012 conference in Brisbane, where Jean Burgess and I presented our research into the use of Twitter during the 2010/11 Christchurch earthquakes, there were another few follow-up presentations of our research on social media and crisis communication.

First, I flew down to Melbourne to run a workshop on social media and disaster resilience together with Chris Fisher from the Queensland state Department for Community Safety, as part of the Disaster Resilient Communities conference. I’ve now published my two presentations from the workshop (slides + audio); they’re both online here.

The next week, Jean and I presented an invited paper at the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association conference here in Brisbane, again to outline the use of social media for crisis communication in the Queensland floods and Christchurch earthquake, with a particular focus also on the social media performance of media organisations during crisis situations. Slides and audio from that talk are here.

We’ve also published a new book chapter on “Doing Blog Research” in the Sage collection Research Methods & Methodologies in Education, edited by James Arthur, Michael Waring, Robert Coe, and Larry V. Hedges. In spite of the ‘education’ focus of the overall collection, I think our chapter also applies well beyond that field – so hopefully it will be useful to other blog researchers out there, too. A pre-print version of that chapter is online here:

Axel Bruns and Jean Burgess. “Doing Blog Research.” In James Arthur et al., eds., Research Methods & Methodologies in Education. Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage, 2012.

Finally, my paper on the user-led innovation of communicative practices on Twitter from the Challenge Social Innovation conference in Vienna last year has now also been published as a discussion paper by the Zentrum für Soziale Innovation:

Axel Bruns. “Ad Hoc Innovation by Users of Social Networks: The Case of Twitter.ZSI Discussion Paper 16 (2012). (Slides + Audiopresentation slides and audio)

That’s all for the moment – but another half dozen or so book chapters should also come out in print over the next few months, as well as articles in Information, Communication & Society, Media International Australia, and elsewhere. More on those when they’re actually available!