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Attitudes towards 'Cyberslacking'

The final speaker in this ICA 2010 session is Sunny Kim, whose interest is in non-work-related social media use during work time. This is most often seen as a loss of productivity and a waste of resources, though it can also be understood as an important moment of brief rest during the working day.

A wide range of terms for such 'cyberslacking' are found in the relevant literature, and the present study created a taxonomy of eight of the most common concepts and tested their relevance - e.g. 'personal Web use', 'cyberloafing', 'problematic Internet use', etc. This conceptual framework was then tested in a specific population of college students, who were asked for their perception of these terms (including perceived external and internal causes).

The negative outcomes of all eight of the selected concepts were assessed to be relatively similar across all terms, but 'personal Web use' may hold the most balanced connotations, so Sunny suggests that it would be the most useful umbrella term; it splits into aimless, strategic, and problematic subcategories for which the other terms provide useful concept descriptions.

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