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Second Call for PhD Applications: Centre for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCi)

I posted this call for PhD research applications in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation a couple of weeks ago, but with the avalanche of conference posts that followed it I thought it might be worth repeating the call. Also, I've now added a further research opportunity in an area which I have a particular interest in (and for which I'll be the principal contact): we're very keen to receive applications from potential PhD students interested in exploring future avenues in public broadcasting in collaboration with the Australian ABC.

One key question in this context is the connection between traditional public broadcasting models and the embrace of user-generated content, which the ABC and other public broadcasters have engaged in more or less actively, and this is closely connected to my own research interests in produsage and social media as well as the work we've done at QUT on the future of public broadcasters. So, if anyone reading this is interested, please contact me (and soon - applications for Australian international students close on 30 September, for international Australian students on 9 October)! (Oops - but at least the dates were correct in the information below.)

Overall, too, as I said in the previous call for applications, there are some fantastic research opportunities here - specific areas, and contact details for the various CCi researchers, are listed below:

Queensland University of Technology
ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI)
Research Higher Degree Project Opportunities

September 2009 Scholarship Round

If you are considering applying for a scholarship in the current September round to pursue postgraduate research studies you may wish to consider connecting with projects we have in development here at the Centre (CCI) and pursue your studies with us at QUT. These projects will link you with industry, government or other partners in order to enhance your networks, the applications of your research, and potentially open up career opportunities as a result of your studies.

Here are a few of the project areas to give you a taste of these opportunities:

  • New forms of audience engagement in public broadcasting, with partners such as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (key contact person: Axel Bruns, ph. 07 3138 5548, email )
  • Innovation and sustainability in Australian games and interactive entertainment with companies such as Firemint and Infinite Interactive, and government agencies such as the Australia Council (key contact person John Banks Ph: (07) 3138 8764; email:
  • Australia's creative engagements with Asia in such fields as design, architecture, fashion and digital media with partners such as Austrade (Key contact person Michael Keane Ph: (07) 3138 3757;email:
  • Designing creative clusters in China and Japan with partners such as Arup (Key contact person Justin O'Connor ph: 0402 395 008; email:
  • International development and empowerment through ICTs in south Asia with partners such as Intel and UNESCO (Key Contact Person: Jo Tacchi Ph: (07) 3138 8178; email:
  • Urban regeneration and creative reuses of space with partners such as eastern seaboard city councils and state government agencies (Key Contact Person: Justin O'Connor Ph: 0402 395 008; email:

Please note the QUT closing date for scholarship applications is Wednesday 30 September for international students and Friday 9 October 2009 for domestic students.

To apply go to:

If you have any questions in regards to the application process please contact Britta Froehling (Ph: (07) 3138 3716; email:

General inquiries about the Centre's research agenda and supervision capacity can be addressed to the Director, Stuart Cunningham Ph: (07) 3138 3743; email:

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