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Brighton -> London -> Brisbane

Some Final Weirdness: University of Sussex Men's Rooms, Complete with Crest and Motto "Be Still and Know". What the?Phew. So that was AoIR 2004. It's a pity that conferences like these always end a little anticlimactically - with people leaving at various times on Wednesday, there was little opportunity to say goodbye to anyone. Technological issues aside, this was a good conference with some excellent papers, and it's good to engage so closely with fellow Internet researchers. Especially the blogging stream has come a long way since 2003, and it's interesting how it has developed - last year in Toronto, quite a few people focussed on the Howard Dean campaign or the use of blogs as personal diaries, but this time around there was far more variety and depth. I would have loved to have seen many more of the papers in various other sessions I wasn't able to get to - looking forward to reading them when the conference archives go online.

View from My Hotel RoomBack in Brighton and connected through the wireless, I've now posted all of my blog entries from the conference; I'll upload more images when I have full access again! Back in Brighton now, where preparations for the UK Labour party convention in a hotel a few doors down from mine are now in full swing. Plenty of police around, patrolling the perimeter and setting up security barriers - I'm glad I'm out of here before this starts in earnest. Off to London tomorrow for half a day of sightseeing, and then on to the long flight back to Brisbane.

When Did It All Go Wrong?